How can Healthcare Facilities prepare against viruses and pathogens in their buildings?


"The greatest risk is from an unsuspected patient in an unprepared hospital."

The words of Eric Toner (Sr. Scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in an article for CIDRAP) may seem ominous, but they are spot on in light of the recent coronavirus outbreak and the potential risk to our brave healthcare professionals.

UVC for COVID-19 The potential flashpoint is at the patient intake and waiting area. At this point the client is a question mark and their status is undetermined. In a common area like this many pathogens (influenza, TB etc.) become aerosolized and spread throughout the space. How can healthcare facilities prepare?

Employ multiple interventions. Availability of proper masks and respirators (PPE); signage to educate the patient on symptoms; enhanced cleaning protocols, including the addition of ultraviolet equipment for air and surface disinfection.

Shortwave UV energy (UVC) has been proven to be an effective adjunct against many pathogens when used with the standard and enhanced cleaning protocols. FILTER SALES and SERVICE, Inc is a distributor of "American Ultraviolet UVC and Germicidal products which provides the necessary disinfection solutions with our custom designed, and unique "Four Pillars of UVC Disinfection for Healthcare" program.

The first of our "Four Pillars of UVC Disinfection for Healthcare" are the upper air and ceiling mounted disinfection units. These units provide a "blanket of UVC protection" over waiting rooms, emergency rooms, corridors, central areas, and other areas where infected hosts can spread the contamination.

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